Cancellor’s Message

Cancellor’s Message



“We are neither race nor relatives nor any community. Neither we are inert. We are only soul servants of ‘Krishna’”


Oh my beloved brethren of the world!

The thousand years old Indian religious and historical tradition is becoming the subject of discussion among the citizens of the world. It was created by the first Sanatan Guru the Omnipotent Narayana. With the tide of time, the knowledge imparted by the Teacher Gurus have changed the source of this tradition. Just like a great river branches into many tributaries as it slowly moves downstream from its source, the Indian religious thought has also diversified. But pure water always stays pure (its molecules are always made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen). The pure water is always beneficial to our health. But polluted water harms all forms of life. In the same manner, the Sanatan Dharma created from the words of the Omnipotent Narayana was totally unblemished like pure water. But because of the deepening gulf between the ancient source of learning and that of today, the Sanatan Dharma is slowly becoming difficult and painful and losing its influence. This is why the Omnipotent Narayana has to reincarnate in Godly form throughout the ages.

At the very beginning of creation, dispensing the Sanatan Dharma, the Omnipotent Narayana laid out before the first living being Brahma, all the teachings and principles of this dharma. As the Teacher Gurus (Rishis) of later ages tried to adapt the teachings to their time, they became responsible for their deterioration. This was called decline of religion. A deficient religion is lacking in spiritual thought and religious greatness. This gives the opportunity to the detractors of the dharma to attack the devotees with maniacal ferocity. A battle erupts between the Sadhus and the detractors and the society is plunged into darkness and chaos. It is precisely at these times that the reincarnation of the Omnipotent Narayana as Avatar happens to rescue the Dharma and restore it to its earlier glory. Two brilliant reincarnations of the nature are those of Narayana in the Treta Yuga and Shri Krishna in Dapor Yuga.

The final closing moments of the Koli Yuga is witnessing exactly just, such a tremendous decline in the Sanatan Dharma. The human society is being immersed in natural, social and economic chaos. The earth is being torn apart and people are being forced to live in misery. The Sadhus are being forced to face great calamities. Just as the Dapor Yuga was plagued by the Great Kurukshetra war, so also the 20th century had to witness two great world wars. The people were rendered zombies, looking only after their own interests. People started slowly to move away from their faith in Sanatan Dharma and also from their traditional human values. As a result, the human society has moved away from the spiritual past and has embraced the dead, lifeless material world. Precisely at this dark-age, Narayana has again reincarnated as the Prime Avatar of the Kolki Yuga as Kolki Avatar, at Nasatra Dham.

At forty years of earthly life, proclaiming the true nature of the Sadguru and dispensing the Eknaam of the Koli Yuga, He has again brought back mankind to the pure stream of spiritual thought. Together with this He has also restored the easily understandable divinity of the Godly form.

We are very fortunate to take birth, have our childhood and education in the very presence of Sadguru Krishnaguru. At every moment of my life, the spiritual presence of His Holiness inspired my every thought and reflection. Together with my material education, I could be also thoroughly aware about the roots and tenets of spiritual education.

Everything in true Sanatan Dharma depends upon pure spiritual thoughts and reflections. The Krishnaguru Naam of the Yuga is the true path for attainment of this realization. The Krishnaguru Naam alone can lead the unruly world to peace and stability. Only the Krishnaguru Naam of the Age can lift the Human society out of the pitfalls of race, relatives, community and material thought. The Krishnaguru Naam of the Yuga also teaches us all the works of social benefit that can cleanse religion. However, this type of education is absent from the usual institutional learning. This is why, for the benefit of mankind, Krishnaguru has made it compulsory to combine the invaluable spiritual education together with the academic curriculum and has prepared a proposal for such a Visvavidyalaya. He has forwarded it to the devotees for implementation. The devotees acknowledging this Brahma duty as sacred, promptly went about to make it a reality.

It is remarkable testimony to the divine greatness of Krishnaguru Ishwar that this formidable task of providing a uniform education from the grass root level of the primary classes to the University, was accomplished in such a relatively very short span of time.

This is a glittering example for all the world to see. This wealth is for the whole universe, for all mankind and also for the future generations.

As long as the spiritual thoughts donated by Krishnaguru Ishwar stay fixed and concentrated in one’s heart, so long also will mankind receive His direct touch.

This is why I send this good news to mankind all over the world so that they may enjoy everlasting peace and happiness.


Harish Ch. Goswami


Krishnaguru Adhyatmik Visvavidyalaya