Anubhab Sagar

Anubhab Sagar is a youth from Majuli,Assam who is professionally a ciber expert of KRISHNAGURU ADHYATMIK VISVAVIDYALAYA. He is the founder of a news paper named Amarxomoy.He is also a web & android application developer.He developed many business , educational and literature website along with Android applications. He will launch a social platform soon as like facebook. Apart from that he is also a young writer. Recently he published his work, a series of poems "Anuradha Dekhor Thikona", a novel ,"Rati Puabone?". His third work based on cyber security is on the path of publishing.

anubhab sagar
anubhab sagar

Anubhab Sagar born on 12july,1998 in Majuli. He grew up in Majuli and started his educational life in there. He had immense interest in technology from the very beginning of his life. He studied in science stream. After completion of his h.s he went to Delhi college of technology and management, Delhi. Computer science engineering.
Career: Anubhab Sagar begins his career as a web & app developer. He developed many websites.
Moreover he is working on #Surjudoi , a social media android application which is similar to Facebook but has some specific features. He consider it his big success.Even very soon he will launch it for us.

In addition, Anubhab Sagar is a cyber expert and a Ethical hacker.
Besides, Anubhab Sagar shown his interest in publishing erea and established a team from where a monthly megazine, a weekly newspaper,and books are continuously published.
He established a news portal with his team and give a helping hand to those young who are searching a job or a platform to show their talent.

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