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The Department of Education, Krishnaguru Adhyatmik Visvavidyalaya, Nasatra was established on 25th August, 2018 with the blessings of Krishnaguru Prabhu Ishwar and Parampujya Gurukrishna Pramenanda Prabhu. The department was initially open to offer the post graduate course and later on it started offering Ph.D. in education since 2021. The department was started with a student strength of 18 with two assistant professor namely Sayanika Deka and Dhurbajyoti Konwar. Miss. Sayanika Deka and Mr. Dhurbajyoti Knowar was appointed on 25th August 2018 as Adhoc basis. Miss. Sayanika Deka rendered the charge of HOD in the department since its inception. On 5th August 2019, Miss Sayanika Deka had left the institute from the position of HOD and Mr. Dhurbajyoti Knowar was rendered to offer the HOD i/c of the department. On 2nd September, 2019 Miss. Birina Boro and on 11th September, 2019 Mrs. Trishna Bhuyan was appointed in the department as a regular teacher. On 23rd July 2020, Mrs. Trishna Bhuyan had left the institution from the position of Asstt. Professor. On 11thMarch 2021, Mr. Sipankar Das was appointed on adhoc basis for replacement of Mrs. Trishna Bhuyan. On 31st December 2021, Miss. Birina Boro had left the institution from the position of Asstt. Professor and Dr. Hemanta Nath was appointed on 10thJanuary 2022 as an Asstt. Professor on adhoc basis in replacement of Miss. Birina Boro. On 22nd September 2022, Dr. Hemanta Nath had left the institution from the position of Assistant professor and Miss Jaysree Das was appointed on 22nd September 2022 as an Assistant professor on adhoc basis in replacement of Dr. Hemanta Nath.  

The primary goal of the department is to generate awareness about the versatility of education as a discipline and to promote manifold activities in the North-East Region of India. We also try to maintain the growth and development of teacher education in the state and also try to establish co-ordination between community and education through various extension programmes. In this endeavour, the department imparts knowledge on education both as a process and also as product, blended with ancient and modern educational practices.


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