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Political Science
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The Department of Political Science, Krishanaguru Adhyatmik Visvavidyalaya, Nasatra was established on the year 2017 with blessings of Krishnaguru Prabhu Ishwar and Parampjoniya Gurukrushna Premananda Prabhu. Firstly, the department offers post graduate course and later on it started offering Ph.D in Political Science since 2021. The founder HoD of the department was Dr. Jaigeswar Bora, and two assistant professor i.e Dr. Padma Medhi and Ms. Banti Das. In the first academic year there were 28 students enrolled. Presently there are three Assistant Professors such as Mrs. Dronali Talukdar, HoD i/c cum Assistant Professor and Ms. Nilakshi Bhuyan and Ms Subhalaxmi Dihingia.


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