Krishnaguru Prabhu Ishwar

By the divine grace of his holiness, whereby all our fears have been conquered, we have been blessed with divine solace. Because of divine audience, we have attained knowledge that allows us to understand the law of creation. The divine presence is Krishnaguru Ishwar, the physical reincarnation of the invisible parambrahma and is the visible avatar of the age. The paramguru who is the unblemished parambrahma appeared on this earth as the saadguru in 1934, sukhlastami tithi in the month of jaistha in the state of Assam, India, district Barpeta, in the remote rural hamlet of Nasatra. Thereafter through many divine manifestations, his holiness established himself as the Paremeswar Purno Prishnaguru. Everyone who is blessed with his divine audience has realized that his holiness is the avatar of the yuga, Krishnaguru and his holiness is the kalki avatar at the end of the kali yuga. Krishnaguru Mahaprabhu taking human form not only exhibited many divine qualities from any youthful age but has also gradually restored the world ravaged by koli. From the 40th year of his reincarnation, in 1974, has started for the welfare of the society, various works of religious nature, to reawaken spirituality in the masses. In two decades, he has removed superstition, evil thoughts and practices and established the Krishnaguru dharma so that it could spread to all nations of the world without any hesitation. People all over the world who have witnessed the divine form of Krishnaguru Ishwar and have received his spiritual massage have crosses the seven seas and thirteen rivers for universal peace and have arrived at the Krishnaguru Sewashram and have been blessed by having darshan with him. They believe that Krishnaguru Ishwar is the last kalki avatar of the kolki yuga has started to take firm roots in the heart of every devotee. Those who wish to meet the saadguru, physically enjoying and appreciating every gesture, benovalence of the great guru should most immediately verify this for themselves and thus fulfill their earthly life.Welcome! Come to the earthly presence of the great saadguru, paying darshan and obesience at his godly feet and taking Krishnaguru Naam, enrich your earthly life and fulfill the completeness of human life.