Revered Mrs. Kuntala Patowary Goswami


“We are neither race nor relatives, nor any community. Neither we are inert. We are only souls, servants of Krishna.” -KRISHNAGURU-

KRISHNAGURU ADHYATMIK VISVAVIDYALAYA stands unique as an Institution in the North-Eastern states of India where Spiritual Education is imparted along with higher academic studies to substantiate the true form of knowledge. The ultimate aim is to deliver knowledge with virtue. It is imperative for all round development of a student to acquire Spiritual education along with higher academics in order to inculcate in them essence of humanity and build them as a true human being to render the service to the nation committed to develop. So, it is compulsory for our students to pursue Spiritual Education along with high standard academia. KRISHNAGURU ADHYATMIK VISVAVIDYALAYA is a reliable Institution which marks excellence in state-of-the-art techniques to impart high standard Education and inspires Vocational education. Established in the year 2017, KRISHNAGURU ADHYATMIK VISVAVIDYALAYA is run and managed by KRISHNAGURU Foundation Trust. Our Institution is committed to developing Moral, Intellectual, Ethical and psychological traits of students which shall highlight their potential and raise competence in order to mark a distinguished identity in the modern world. The Wish Of KRISHNAGURU PRABHU ISHWAR is to groom our students as bright lamp to illumine the world with rays of humanity and hope. Our esteemed Institution is an endeavour in this direction.

Joi Krishnaguru...