SC/ST Cell

The SC/ST Cell of Krishnaguru Adhyatmik Visvavidyalaya, Nasatra Barpeta, Assam, established on May 29, 2024, is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for students belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST). The committee comprises a chairperson, a convener, and several members who work collaboratively to ensure that each student feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential.

The mission of the SC/ST Cell is to promote unity and inclusivity within the university community. The Cell addresses the unique challenges when faced by SC and ST students by providing essential resources and support to help them navigate various aspects of university life, including academic, financial and social challenges.

Mrs.Jahnabi Basumatary
Asstt Proffesser of Assamese Deptt,KAV
Mr.Techi Gello
Asstt Proffesser, Department of Pharmacology,KAV
Ms. Madhusmita Chelleng
Dr.Bobita Basumatary
Asstt Proffesser, Department of IPT
Mr.Manoj Kr.Das
Asstt Proffesser, Department of Performing Arts,KAV


  1. Academic Support: The cell Organizes necessary tutoring sessions and academic workshops to help students with their studies. It Provides information and assistance regarding scholarships and educational grants specifically available for the SC and ST community students. The cell plans to organize mentorship programs where senior students or faculty members guide SC and ST students in their academic pursuits.
  2. Financial Assistance: By searching the sources available the Cell assists the students in applying for government and non-government financial aids. It offers guidance on managing finances and preparing budgets effectively. Providing emergency financial support in cases of urgent need is an other means to help the concern students.
  3. Social and Emotional Support: The SC/ST Cell conducts regular counseling sessions to address the emotional and psychological issues of students. It organizes social events and cultural programs to celebrate unity and promote a sense of community. The Cell Creates awareness campaigns to educate the university community about the issues faced by SC and ST students and to promote inclusivity.
  4. Grievance Redressal: This Cell Establishes a robust mechanism for addressing grievances and complaints related to discrimination or harassment. Ensuring a safe and confidential environment for students to voice their concerns is emphasized by the Cell.
  5. Awareness and Advocacy: The SC/ ST Cell organizes workshops and seminars to raise awareness about the rights and opportunities available to the students of these communities. It Advocats for policy changes and improvements in the university to support betterment of the students.

Through these activities, the SC/ST Cell at Krishnaguru Adhyatmik Visvavidyalaya aims to create a nurturing environment where every student can thrive and succeed.