Fundamental of nursing lab

Fundamental of nursing lab is the basic foundation lab in the art of nursing. It exposes all equipments which are used for giving care to the patient in practical way. It guides students to improve knowledge and to assess the patient care effectively and efficiently.

          Our 1600sqft spacious lab is well equipped with patient simulators, CPR mannequins, life form hand simulator etc. The lab is lined with 12 hospital beds holding “patients” (mannequins) dressed in hospital gowns with a pillow, a blanket, an over bed table, a bedside table, a bed side locker, infusion stand and a bed screen for privacy. Teachers can use this area to lecture and students can practice in this area. In the center of the room is a seating area with movable tables to enhance visibility for any sized group of students.

Community Health Nursing Lab

This lab ensures that the students learn home visiting bag technique & practice the community health nursing while providing family health care at the door step of the clients using modified home visiting kits.

          The Community Health Nursing laboratory is with adequate floor space. The laboratory is equipped with sufficient equipments like community bags, IEC items and models. The department actively participates in all national health programmes implemented by Government of India and State government. The field training is imparted in both rural and urban areas. The RHTC & UHTC provides preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative and referral services to the adopted villages.

          The department is committed to improve health status of the community through educating and providing services to the people such as Mass health awareness programme, health camps, Screening, surveillance, Epidemic control measures, risk management services etc.

Maternal & Child Health (MCH) Lab

The MCH lab helps the students to acquire knowledge and hands on training in mother and new born care that are to be practiced in clinical settings. It is fully equipped with Pelvis, Fetal skull, various instruments, different kinds of models and manikins, charts, play articles, flash cards and necessary articles for procedure demonstration  like assessment of   antenatal mother, intranatal and  post natal mother,  newborn care and growth and development of all age groups.

Nutrition Lab

The nutrition lab is meant to capacitate the scholar nurses to accumulate adequate knowledge for maintenance of optimum health at different stages of life and its application of practice in nursing. The nutrition lab is well ventilated and really much outfitted with essential amenities and advanced equipment for the use of aptitudes in planning of varied therapeutic diets.

Pre clinical Science laboratory

Pre clinical Science laboratory is designed to enable the students to acquire Knowledge of the Anatomical Structure& Functions, Biochemical Composition and its alteration of the Human Body Systems.

          In our institute the Lab is having proper lighting and good ventilation. The  lab consist of all the equipment such as adult human articulated skeleton, adult skull, pelvic, heart with large blood vessels, eye with different section, ear with different section, full set of disarticulated adult human skeleton. Our lab is well furnished in such a way that the students are able to acquire their knowledge through their different demonstration.


Computer Lab develops basic understanding of the uses of computer and its applications in nursing. The objective is to assist and enhance the possibilities of our nursing students in succeeding with their assignments. The other major objective is for our students to carry out deeper research for their projects.

          Computer Lab at Institute of Nursing Education, KAV is equipped with sufficient computer systems at a ratio of 1:5 and supported with high bandwidth internet speed; there is UPS system that ensures uninterrupted power supply. The college is also Wi-Fi Enabled.