Hon'ble Sjt. Harish Ch. Goswami

Gurukrishna Premananda Prabhu [CHANCELLOR]

Oh my beloved brethren of the world!

Oh my beloved brethren of the world! The thousand years old Indian historical tradition has become the subject of discussion throughout the world. It was created by the first Sanatan Guru, the omnipotent Narayana. The pure principles of the Sanatan Dharma were started by God Brahma. Later on there was the decline of spiritual thought and the gloriousness of the religion. Eventually the society plunged into darkness and chaos. Hence the reincarnation of the omnipotent Narayana exerted itself to restore the Dharma back to its original glory. Again the incarnations of Shri Ram in the Treta Yuga and Shri Krishna in the Dwapor Yuga helped to reinstate the Dharma again. As the Dwapor Yuga was afflicted by the Great Kurukshetra War, so the 20th Century also witnessed the two Great World Wars. As a result, human society was absorbed into natural, social and economic crisis and misery. People started running after the selfish interests to fulfil their narrow goals, and gradually moving away from their faith in Sanatan principles, the spiritual past and traditional human values. As a result they have embraced the lifeless material goals. Precisely, at this Dark Age of Kolki, Narayana reincarnated as the Prime Kolki Avatar as ‘Krishnaguru’ at Nasatra Dham. Conveying the Krishnaguru Eknaam, the Sadhguru Krishnaguru Prabhu has again brought back mankind into the pure journey of spiritual thought. The ecstasy is that we are born in the holy period of Sadhguru Krishnaguru Ishwar. The spiritual presence of his Holiness inspires us in every substance and in revamping our own thought and culture. Thus, together with our spiritual and regular education our life would be more purposeful, resilient and balanced that would ultimately be helpful in fostering a sense of community, in navigating the challenges of life and to emerge as the fully developed human soul. Spiritual reflections of Sanatan Dharma can be realized through the ‘Krishnaguru’ Naam that can lead the disorganised world to peace and tranquillity by upholding the human society from the racial discrimination, communal violence, materialistic perspective and apathetic way of engaging with the greater world. The Krishnaguru Naam also gives lesson of social benevolence with the regular course of institutional education. As such Krishnaguru Prabhu has made it compulsory to combine both spiritual education with academic curriculum, and has prepared a proposal for such educational institutions from primary to university levels. The Devotees have turned the perceptibility into reality by donating according to their capability. As long as the spiritual guidance of Krishnaguru Ishwar remains, the greater society will receive his direct touch. That is why this message is conveyed to the world community so that they may enjoy eternal peace and happiness.

Joi Krishnaguru...