Harish Ch. Goswami


“We are neither race nor relatives, nor any community. Neither we are inert. We are only souls, servants of Krishna.”


Oh my beloved brethren of the world!

The thousand years old Indian relegio-historical tradition is becoming the subject of discussion throughout the world. It was created by the first Sanatan Guru, the Omnipotent Narayana. The pure principles of the Sanatan Dharma were laid out to the creation’s first living being Brahma.

The teacher gurus of later ages tried to adapt the teachings to their times, and as such there is the decline of spiritual thought and grandeur of the religion. This causes conflicts in between the Sadhus and the detractors, and the society plunges into darkness and chaos. Hence the reincarnation of the Omnipotent Narayana happens to restore the Dharma to its original glory. The incarnations of Shri Ram in the Treta Age and of Shri Krishna in the Dwapor Age are the two brilliant examples of this nature.

The closing days of Koli Age also witness a tremendous decline in Sanatan Dharma. As the Dapor Age was plagued by the great Kurukshetra War, so also the 20th century witnesses two great World Wars. As a result, human society has immersed in natural, social and economicchaos, crisis and misery. People running after the selfish interests, and gradually moving away from their faith in Sanatan principles, their spiritual past and traditional human values, have embraced the dead and lifeless material world.
Precisely, at this dark age of Kolki, Narayana reincarnated as the Prime Kolki Avatar as ‘Krishnaguru’ at Nasatra Dham. Dispensing the Krishnaguru Eknaam, the Sadguru has again brought back mankind to the pure stream of spiritual thought.
It is a bliss that we are born and brought up in the very presence of SadguruKrishnaguru Ishwar. The spiritual presence of His Holiness inspired my every thought and reflection. Thus, together with my material education, I could be thoroughly aware of the roots and tenets of spiritual learning.

Pure spiritual thoughts and reflections of Sanatan Dharma can be realized through the ‘Krishnaguru’Naam that can lead the unruly world to peace and tranquility by lifting the human society out of the pitfalls of race, relatives, community and material thought.

The Krishnaguru Naam also teaches the works of social benefit but this type of education is absent from the usual institutional learning. As such Krishnaguru has made it compulsory to combine Spiritual education with academic curriculum, and has prepared a proposal for such educational institutions from primary to university levels. The devotees have translated this sacred duty into a reality. This wealth is for the entire mankind.

As long as the spiritual thoughts of Krishnaguru Ishwar remain fixed in one’s heart so long mankind will be receiving His direct touch.

That is why this message is to the world community so that they may enjoy eternal peace and happiness.

Joi Krishnaguru…