Then Governor Jagdish Mukhi in the Establishment Day of KRISHNAGURU ADHYATMIK UNIVERSITY

Then Governor Jagdish Mukhi attended the first Establishment Day of KRISHNAGURU ADHYATMIK UNIVERSITY observed on the 3rd of August 2018 and in His address to the meeting , he congratulated the authority of the University. The occasion also witnessed participation of students and devotees of KRISHNAGURU SEWASHRAM.
In the delightful occasion of KRISHNAGURU ADHYATMIK VISHVAVIDLAYA, the Honorable Governor tendered his valuable opinion to declare that this Institution stands approved from the Assam Legislative Assembly under the Assam Private University Act.
With a view to providing higher education in the state, the University was formally inaugurated in 3rd of August 2017. Opened with providing Master Degree in Assamese and Political Science , admission to other new courses including Masters in Philosophy and Education have already started.
As was informed by the then Honourable Governor, the prime objective of the esteemed Institution is to facilitate vocational courses for skill development which will go a great way in building sustainable human assets and shall benifit a huge population. PARAMGURU KRISHNAGURU PRABHU ISHWAR aimed at opening varied avenues of employment through skill development for the unemployed youth of the locality.
The Honourable Governor expressed his feeling of delight on having come to know that KRISHNAGURU SEWASHRAM Shall provide aid and assistance to many meritorious students who fare well in the Metriculation and Higher Secondary examinations.

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